About the Program

The University of Indianapolis has been faced with the impact of an ever-increasing need to provide its students with closer encounters with global cultures. This has been a constant since the 1990s and omnipresent since 2000, when Asian Programs was institutionalized. In the spirit of the University of Indianapolis motto of "Education for Service," Asian Programs has focused its efforts toward the internationalization of the institution and toward serving as a bridge for creating and linking with the university’s international partners. Asian Programs aims to foster cultural diversity on campus through international exchange programs, among many initiatives. Asian Programs has assisted academic units in developing Asian studies courses and promoted lecture series on Asian arts and Asian economic, political, and social development, as well as other issues. Asian Programs has also overseen permanent and temporary art exhibits, publication of books in the field, and the organization and hosting of international symposia on families: east and west, China, and service-learning.

Strategic Objectives

The major purposes of the Asian Programs are to bring cultural events and academic programs from Asia to UIndy and UIndy to Asia. Asian Programs aims to support and promote diversity and internationalization on campus. Asian Programs has engaged in innovative activities to reach its goals. These activities and endeavours have included but not been limited to the following:

  1. Assists Admissions to recruit Asian students to UIndy
  2. Sponsors Asian cultural events on campus and in the community
  3. Assists students and faculty to travel to Asia
  4. Establishes strategic international partners in Asia and community partners in the U.S.
  5. Facilitates Asian titles published by the University of Indianapolis Press
  6. Works closely with International Division

Dr. Phylis Lan Lin
Associate Vice President
for International Partnerships
& Director of Asian Programs
Good Hall 202A
(317) 788-3288

Laine Bradburn
Good Hall 202B
(317) 788-3288

Tong Jie (Jan Tong)
Student Assistant
Good Hall 202B
(317) 788-3288